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AdMag o.n.o (or nearest offer)

For a commission from QArts, Derby, entitled 'Word Play' I chose to make images that illustrate words taken from a 'free ads' magazine. 

Before eBay a broad range of people, with an even broader range of items to sell, used magazines such as these. They simply placed a text-only ad (no pictures!) and their phone number. 

I got a great deal of enjoyment from these small ads, imagining how each item came to be owned and by whom, why they’re now selling them and how they (owner and item) might look. 

I visited a number of very generous vendor's homes and photographed them with their item. Through these images we find out if our preconceptions of the offered item, and its current owner, are correct or can be challenged, and so illustrate something about our opinions and ourselves.

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