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No Place Like Home was a unique arts project culminating in a publication and exhibition at Cardiff’s city centre homeless hostels, Tresillian House and The Huggard – which in 2011 were demolished to make way for a brand new homeless facility. The project provided a means for the residents, staff and service users to examine their relationship with these buildings before they were lost.

An experienced educator, as well as an accomplished photographic artist, Faye Chamberlain rejects the traditional role of the 'concerned' documentary photographer, aloof, separate, and able to offer us the satisfaction of horrors and disgust at the plight of nameless victims at a safe distance.  Instead, she invites the full participation of the service users and staff at Tresillian House and the Huggard Centre, inviting the viewer into an immediate and intimate relationship.

The resulting portrait series conveys an amity and trust between artist and sitters – a group of dignified individuals, actively engaged in the process of their own portrayal, which is acknowledged not only by their name but by their former occupation; a subtle insight onto a life before and beyond their current situation. 
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