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'Football Focus' has been photographed since 1998 by Faye Chamberlain, throughout each four-and-a-half-week football jamboree that is the FIFA World Cup. Whilst the world's media analyse the events on the pitch in a minutia of detail, Chamberlain turns her camera on the people for whom the World Cup is staged - the supporters. 

Chamberlain's work captures the passion, anxiety, humour and despair of the 550 million people worldwide, entrusting their dreams to the feet of eleven men. Unable to influence their own emotional destinies, the fans gather in front of TVs to pray, as part of a replica-wearing congregation, for a victory that would raise the value of their national pride and justify their faith.

These un-staged photographs showcase people displaying their raw emotions. One only has to look at the faces of the gathered crowds to see that the ramifications of the events in the Host countries far away are as important as the events themselves.

Although up to 23 years has passed, these photographs preserve forever the feeling that is generated when the world stops for a month so that it's people can cling to the 32 opposing sides of a collective dream.  
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